Essay: The War was Vicious

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Essay: The War was Vicious

LBJ therefore countered J.F. Kennedy’s policy with his own policy of containment as he believed that the communist movements should not be allowed to expand and grow. His future projections of the impact of communism if it was given the slightest chance to thrive passionately drove him to make sure that he did not provide any loopholes for the communists. He believed that the impact would be a global one and so it needed to be tamed at this early stage (Goodwin, 125).

The war was vicious, with the opposition of the anti-communist activities in Vietnam fighting back relentlessly. They launched many attacks on the American troops and the more they did this, the more LBJ increased the troops.

True to his word, the military troops that were sent to Vietnam steadily rose from 184,000 by the end of 1965 to 537,000 in 1958 which was the end of LBJ’s tenure as U.S. president (Simon). In addition to that, he imposed economic sanctions on Vietnam as he was totally convinced that these actions would curtail the spread of communism.

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