Essay: Is War Inevitable

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Essay: Is War Inevitable

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Though other countries in the globe have found war inevitable, Switzerland has proved that war is evitable. Many countries in Africa, Asia and in Middle East have used war to resolve their problems but the end result has been disastrous. Many resources have been destroyed, innocent lives have been lost, the vulnerable like the women and children have suffered most while many families have broken. Crimes against humanity have been reported in most of the countries at war. Generally, there are no positive results of war.

In most scenarios, prior to a country engaging in war, it informs the international community and the citizens that diplomacy has failed and the only remaining option war. They argue that, after war, there is peace, but lack to ask themselves how long the war will cost or what will happen if the war does not end. The reality is that the politicians do not employ competent personnel to negotiate with the rival country and in other cases; they demand conditions that cannot be met hence resorting to war. There are other cases where countries have been attacked triggering war like the case of 9/11 attacks.

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