Essay: War for Christ

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Essay: War for Christ

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The angel acknowledges the fact that Joane, “did not err through malice” but he did it because of his simple mindedness. (Vicente & Johnston 44) It is worthy noting that the angel understands that humans are prone to errors, they should be forgiven, and he is admitted to heaven. Despite the four knights having died in the war for Christ, they board the devil’s boat but at the end, they are admitted in heaven. Those who had chosen the way of the devil in their lives are given chances of becoming crew in his boat like when the hanged man becomes a porter. The Friar requests for a chance to travel with his girlfriend for his comfort, which he is granted. Although they are going to “lake of the damned”, the devil makes them feel comfortable for he knows that human beings like comfort. (Vicente & Johnston 72)

It is therefore evidenced that the devil takes advantage of the ignorance of man to mislead him from the ways of the lord. Though people are constantly warned about the dangers of living wayward lives very few convert and live, as the Lord would wish them to live. Through few comfortable deeds, the devil is able to change even those who are converted back to him. He knows that to live in the ways of the Lord you have to make some sacrifices whereas in his boat there are no much sacrifices as one lives the kind of life he wishes. He wants people to feel comfortable with their material wealth and thus forget the lord as this is the only way he can get followers. He has made his boat beautiful to confuse the ignorant man in to believing that it is the one ending to a nice place. T6hough he tells his passengers the truth he knows many of them will still ignore.

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