Essay: Vulnerability of Enamel

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Essay: Vulnerability of Enamel

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From the observations made, it is evident that the higher the acidity of a drink one is taking, the greater the reduction of hardness to thee enamel. It is also observed that orange juice caused lesser damage than Coca-Cola whereas beer did not result in any significant change to the hardness of the enamel. The fact that visible cracks before exposure disappear after exposure shows that the non-alcoholic drinks had caused erosion of the enamel.

From the micrographs, it is evident that in addition to erosion of the enamel after exposure to Coca-Cola it also causes staining of the enamel. Prisms in the enamel become more evident after exposure to the non-alcoholic beverages, which shows that the acids in the beverages have an etching effect on the surface of the enamel. Hardness tests conducted on both enamels before exposure show that the baby enamel is weaker than that of an adult. The results also show that the vulnerability of both enamels to erosion is the same when exposed to the non-alcoholic beverages.

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