Essay: Virtual identity of the Wemers

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Essay: Virtual identity of the Wemers

Interview is the most popular qualitative research approach. In order to avoid problems related to designing questions on whether the role of virtual identity of the Wemers is having an impact on the BBS situation, steps were taken to avoid leading questions that are subject to unreliable and biased results and assist in acquiring in-depth comprehension information about the subject. The semi structured interview facilitated in acquiring interviewee’s ideas and thoughts on the subject.

The interviewees were all students ranging from the ages of below 20-25 and they were all students who have actively used the virtual community as an interface to communicate with the rest of the world and other communities.

All interviews were arranged through face to face. It began with a personal introduction and a briefing on the purpose of the study followed by breaking the ice in establishing an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality regarding the responses provided. The author encouraged the interviewees to feel free while answering the questions and allowed them to add any relevant point or clarification whenever they feel appropriate. Well organised questions were designed and presented in order to obtain maximum cooperation from respondents. The results of the interviews would contribute and assist towards understanding the collected data.

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