Essay: Victims of Cyberbullying

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Essay: Victims of Cyberbullying

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According to Cynthia (2008), in 2006, a Harris Interactive survey revealed that 43% of the US teens had fallen victims of cyberbullying. A similar survey in Canada revealed that:

  • 23% of middle school student had fallen victims of cyberbullying through their emails.
  • 35% were bullied while chatting
  • 41% had received bullying messages in their phones
  • 41% did not know the identity of those bullying them

In 2005, survey conducted at the University New Hampshire by the Crimes Against Children Research Centre revealed that 9% of the of the sample had fallen victims of cyberbullying. A third felt traumatized by the incidence and those bullied online-developed social problems (Wolak, et al 2006).

In 2005, a survey by Hinduja and Patchin revealed that a third, if 1500 adolescent had been bullied while online, more so, amidst this sample, 16% had bullied others. The results of the survey also revealed that the incidences of the cyberbullying could be characterized as that of a minor behaviour. Among sample, more that 12% were threatened physically, 41% claimed to have been disrespected while 19% were called abusive terms (Hinduja & Patchin, 2008, pp129-156). Research by Hinduja, & Patchin (2007) further noted that those who reported the cyberbullying suffered from post trauma experiences resulting to substance abuse, running away from home, developing aggressive behaviour among others.

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