Essay: Van Helsing’s Character in Dracula

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Essay: Van Helsing’s Character in Dracula

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When Dr Seward Says, “Then he struck with all his might. The Thing in the coffin writhed; and a hideous, blood-curdling screech came from the opened red lips. …..the sharp white teeth champed together … mouth was smeared with crimson foam” (Stoker 189). ‎It is important to acknowledge that Van Helsing is a courageous as evidenced when he confronts count Dracula and tells him about his evil brand. His partners are afraid of the Dracula but Van Helsing is determined to kill him. However, Van Helsing is a learned man who should embrace modernity just like his student Dr Steward but he knows that there are some instances, which require traditional remedies. Unlike Dr Seward, he is able to correctly diagnose what Lucy is suffering from and offer a chance of curing her sickness.

Van Helsing does not change during the cause of the story. After he accomplishes his mission of destroying count Dracula, he leaves to his native homeland. He remains religious as he was in the start of the story. At the end, he tells his partners that they should be viewed as band “ministers of God’s own wish,” who have been send to save the human kind from the evil of the Dracula.

Though he is man of high social class, he realizes the gravity of the evil nature of count Dracula and decides to embrace traditional methods in a bid to save humankind. This shows that Van Helsing is a down to earth person who knows that modern medicine cannot cure the sickness that is affecting Lucy.

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