Essay: Values of McDonald Franchises

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Essay: Values of McDonald Franchises

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By considering the balance of interest among these three stakeholders makes it certain that the franchises keep firms values alive and are reflected globally that eventually makes McDonalds a force to reckon with. Many firms in the food industry are not able to share these core values and each branch operates individually without consulting with the franchisor hence engaging in activities that do not align with the franchisor values. The McDonalds values that must be reflected on each of franchises includes being fair, honest, collectively responsible among others. These values ensure that the firm gets in control in most of its operations and hold together the franchises, clients and the McDonalds employees as one piece. The ability to work as one team is very challenging considering the global diversity of the employees, locations of the franchises and the different and preferences of clients. The ability to team up these forces enables the firms to beat its competitors who mainly focus on the quality and client satisfaction leaving other stakeholders needs to be held at ransom at the expense of others.

The franchises are simultaneously required to improve their services and quality of clients’ satisfaction. This is strictly dictated by McDonald that any firm that does not meet the minimum standards will have its contract cancelled. As the new products are developed to cope with the unlimited client demands, the franchises are trained on how to prepare and serve these products correctly. The continuous development of new variety of products is an innovative tool that ensures that client base expands due to the variety of products available. It is inevitable to develop new products because the dynamics in the global village call for new products that must be prepared in order to tap every client. The ability to continuously develop a variety of new products sold by the franchises makes the company to remain at a competitive advantage all through its operations.

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