Essay: Value Stream Mapping

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Essay: Value Stream Mapping

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With value stream mapping (VSM), the companies, which have implemented the lean manufacturing strategies, are able to better understand and thus streamline the work processes by using the techniques and tools employed in lean manufacturing. VSM helps in creating a viable lean manufacturing strategy that will help the food company in reducing its wastes and improving the quality of the products.

“Pull” is a term that is used in lean manufacturing to refer to the “demand of the customer for product” (Redmayne). In this case, the pull systems advocate for make-to-order rather than the push systems that pushed for make to stock. Push systems led to advocating for false demands, which led to wastes from inventories. Since the push systems are led by their dependency on demand, the results are many products either in the finished state or in the work in progress state. These products in the WIP stage are unwieldy expensive and unwieldy to finance and maintain.

By use of lean manufacturing especially Kanban Systems, Nestle Production Company is able to design all of their operations such that they respond to the customer demand levels that are ever changing. By lean strategies, Starbucks be able to make the customer’s order and this implies that they will not have to rely on make-to-stock, which leads to excess inventories, and hence waste. If the supply of the products that the customers require is in constant supply, customers will build confidence in the specific company and this will result to repeated business.

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