Essay: Using Fashion to Create an Image

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Essay: Using Fashion to Create an Image

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Though there is a cost that comes along with fashion, fashion is an important tool that clearly represents an individual image. Additional, when an individual self-image is bad, then one lacks self-esteem. Irrespective of ones, level of professional qualification, the individual style and level of professionalism is judged by the fashion of the attires. That is the reason for promoting and employing the individuals who wear fashionable clothes. When one appears shaggy, the chances of being employed diminish.

This is because it is normal for individuals to judge others by their look. Despite the popular saying that “do not judge a book by its cover, the first physical appearance revealed by the fashion is very crucial in any scenario. Being in the wrong fashion gives a wrong image. Considering a women wearing a mini-skirt walking on a street, that person is likely to attract the wrong kind of men unlike when she is fashionably dressed and smart since she is not sending any wrong signal (Welters, Cunningham, 2005).

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