Essay: US in the World War 1

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Essay: US in the World War 1

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On 1917, Woodrow Wilson, the US president, decided to engage US in the World War I after taking one year being a non-partisan in the war. US focused on the World peace and this is evidenced by its attendance of the Hague Conferences. The US and its allies won WWI hence proving its input essential.  In efforts to guarantee peace, the Woodrow Wilson proposed a number of proportion that were referred to as the fourteen points but were rejected at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference resulting to US non participation in the League of Nations that were crucial component of the Treaty of the Versailles.

Another important activity worth noting during this era is the strengthening of the women Suffrage moments. The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848 planned by Elizabeth Candy Stanton marks the beginning of the Women Suffrage Movement. The Declaration of Sentiments required women to be considered as equal to men and be offered equal rights to men. Among the major women leaders to lobby for equal women rights were Julia Ward Howe, Mott, Susan B Anthony, Lucy Stone, and Stanton among many others. By the end of the 19th century, a number of the United States States had approved women voting rights coupled with a number of legal wins that included child custody and right to own property among others.

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