Essay: US History

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Essay: US History

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US is a country that is highly developed but it has had a very interesting history with wars and a lot of industrialization. Although US did not play a major role in the WWI, it tried to bring peace between nations. The country tried to remain neutral all through and just witness the war but this did not last. There are preparations, which each country has to practice in order to be prepared to curb wars or win in them.

The Total War Family

War is not any way beneficial regardless of the country is it taking place. Whenever there is war, the countries involved are out looking for solutions to stop the war and be at peace so that the residents can be able to engage in their economically productive tasks. In total war, a country needs to be geared up and ready for it at all circumstances. This case is seen in America whenever they are going out for war. The people who were living in American in the 1800 had a different form of an American dream from those who are living in the country today. They were meant to get a slave, get a farm and live without the control of the government.  A person who lived the American life had also to have power in that he held a senior position in the government.  A good example is Ike who was the supreme allied commander with the only person above him being the president. He was not only popular domestically but also internationally. Her belonged to the democrats and immediately after serving his term, he was preceded by Truman who made it five terms for the democrats in power. This is a proof that the total war family belonged to the democrats who served the longest period in the United States.

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