Essay: Unpreparedness of US millitary

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Essay: Unpreparedness of US millitary

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The root cause of these failures resulted from lack of proper organization, rivalries between the services in the mission, inept leadership within the army among others. This was especially in the case of Operation Urgent Fury in Vietnam. It led to demoralization of the forces which believed that the civilian leadership was misusing them through micromanaging the war.

The officers further stated that the government had alienated and consequently led to the loss of careers of officers by offering sub-standard training and overstretching the limited armed forces. Although this operation was a success considering the fact that medical students who were apparently the cause of the operation were evacuated, the armed forces had to reorganize the Army Division (82nd Airborne) which carried out the operation.  Senior officers were retired and the training procedures were revised. The failure here emanates from the fact that some officers had to lose their jobs; the forces became demoralized and new training procedures adopted (Heller & Stofft 1968).

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