Essay: Understanding the Cultural Background of the Employees

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Essay: Understanding the Cultural Background of the Employees

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It is imperative for managers to know/ understand that cultural background of the employee. Different cultures share different values, therefore, understanding the cultural background of the employees enables the managers’ to learn how to communicate and interact with each employee. More so, in an organization with a diverse workforce, the employees will be trained on how to respect one another and communicate effectively without having to causing any injury to one another. Upon a manager understanding the cultural background of employees, the employees are trained on how to correlate and work as teams.  In case managers to do not understand the cultural background of the employees, the employees end up misunderstanding each other and eventually not cooperating towards a common goal. Therefore, it is significant for managers to comprehend the cultural diversity of the employees.

Taking into consideration that the community is one of the stakeholders to a firm, it is imperative for a firm to be a good corporate citizen. A good corporate citizen must give back to the community since it is the community within which a firm is established that provides a firm with necessary support mechanisms that guarantee the success of the specific firm. The community may be providing the firm with labor among others things. The firm may be affecting the community in a variety of ways. It may be polluting the air, dispensing so wastes into the air or into the ecological system. It may be negatively affecting the transport system through the tracks that carry inputs and outputs in and out of the firm.

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