Essay: Understanding Behavior Development

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Essay: Understanding Behavior Development

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In our today’s society many psychologist tend to study behavior of individuals and development of these behaviors. However, it should be noted that understanding behavior development precedes studying behavior its self. In this connection, one vital tool for studying processes of behavior development and changes throughout one lifetime is through studying and understanding cognitive development of the individuals. This is in the light cognitive domain of an individual to great affect the behavioral pattern exhibited by an individual. Therefore, understanding cognitive processes of human being gives a good start into behavioral studies for all psychologists with its appropriate application.

In this regard, Jean Piaget offers a good and well constructed and easy to apply theory of cognitive development in children that inform our society approach to understanding and designing instruction to children. To this effect, substantial evidence shows that Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is relevant to today’s society especially to education field. It is in this line of thought that this paper shall discuss exclusively Piaget’s cognitive development theory for children, from process of cognitive development to the cognitive development stages and how the theory is being applied to our academic society today.

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