Essay: Uncle tom’s cabin critical analysis

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Essay: Uncle tom’s cabin critical analysis

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a story by Harriet Beecher Stowe about three slaves who are in and out of slavery as well as the experiences they have to endure as a result of slavery. The book is divided into four different parts. Part I is about the story of Eliza who starts as a slave but manages to escape to her freedom. Part II is about the relationship of little Eva and Uncle Tom. Part III is about Uncle Tom’s death and Simon Legree’s life while the last part is about the resolution of ending slavery.

Stowe has given the description of the hardships the slaves have to undergo in their slavery life in such a way that she intensifies the civil war. Uncle Tom is the main character who starts his slavery life at Arthur Shelby family where he is treated with a lot of kindness due to his handwork. Master Shelby has to sell him to Mr. Haley so that he can raise money and settle some debts. While on transit to the slave market, he ,manages to save Eva, the daughter of Augustine St. Clare. St. Claire resolves to buy him so that he can be bale to show his gratitude for having saved his daughter. His stay at  Clare’s place is very good until the time when the master dies and Tom is left in the hands of the wife. Life gets terrible and this is an evidence of the hardships the slaves have to endure in the hands of their masters.

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