Essay: Types of kidney stones

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Essay: Types of kidney stones

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Scientists through ages, have discovered several types of kidney stones and rated them according to their prevalence among the population. The first one is struvite, which is caused by the infection of the urinary tract. Individuals, who take protease inhibitor, have high chance of getting struvite kidney stones compared to the rest. Protease inhibitor is a medication for people infected with H.I.V. and has been found to increase the chances of acquiring kidney stones.

Sometimes struvite cannot be medically removed; in those cases, long-term medication is prescribed for those types of patients. A medicine called acetohyroxamic acid [AHA] is used together with antibiotics to prevent the infections that trigger the stone growth. If the stone is successfully and fully removed, the first step to prevent its reoccurrence is to prevent infection of bacteria by testing the urine more regularly.

The second type of kidney stone is known as uric acid stones, which is less common. There is another type of kidney stone known as cystine stones, which are also very rare. Cystine stones are caused by the infection in the urinary tract system. Some medicines such as thiola and cuprimme are used to deal with these types of stones since they reduce the amount of cystine in the urine.

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