Essay: Treatment of Kidney Stones

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Essay: Treatment of Kidney Stones

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Today the treatment of these kidney stones has greatly been improved compared to 20 years ago when open surgery was the only option for one to remove a kidney stone. Nowadays operation can be performed in outpatient setting whereby the patient does not necessary have to be admitted in the hospitals for the surgery to be effective. This has been made possible by advancement in technology in the medical world. There have been several medical procedures that have facilitated the treatment of kidney stones in more safe and a less recovery period.

These methods include extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy [ESWL]. This is one of the major forms of the treatment to kidney stones. In this ESWL method, it involves shock waves being created outside the body and through the skin and body tissues until they hit the denser stones. This leads to break down of kidney stones into small particles that are easily expelled from the body though urination. There exist several types of ESWL devices with the majority using X-ray or ultrasound to help the surgeon pin point the kidney stone during treatment. Anesthesia is in the most cases used during this process. Due to improved technology in the medical field, ESWL is nowadays an outpatient activity and the recovery is achieved in a short period. This is because during this procedure is it is shocks, which are used, and it means there will be no open wounds.  This is even more advantageous because is not left with a scar.

In as much as the EWSL is considered effective, less dangerous and less time for recovery, it has its own limitations. It will be biased to only highlight the EWSL effectiveness without pointing out some of it shortcomings. These shortcomings can be manifested when in some cases after the patient has undergone the EWSL procedure, experiences blood in the urine. Sometimes the patient experiences some bruising and minor discomfort in the back or the abdomen. This is caused by the shocks that are used in the EWSL.

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