Essay: Treatment for Crohn’s Disease

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Essay: Treatment for Crohn’s Disease

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The drug 5′-aminosalicylic acid is prepared to be taken in different forms. It can be prepared to be taken orally in the form of tablets or granules. It can also be administered anally when it is in the form of enemas, suspensions or suppository. Some several side effects are associated with the use of this amino acid with the most common being diarrhoea, flatulence as well as nausea. In some cases, it is known to lead to hair loss although this is not a common side effect.

According to a study by (3), it is evident that “Budesonide is significantly less effective than conventional corticosteroids for inducing remission in active Crohn’s disease” but it is readily used for the treatment of the disease since it has fewer side effects. The drug is administered in the form 3 x 1 mg oral pH-modified in the dosage of 6mg/kg and is administered as one full dose. After one month, the patient gets the same dosage as a follow up to the treatment. Though salfasalzine is effective in the treatment of Crohn’s disease, it is not commonly used because it contains sulphur, which happens to allergic to many patients.

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