Essay: Traits of Odysseus

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Essay: Traits of Odysseus

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It is also notable that Odysseus is courageous and this is a good character trait of a hero. When he forbids his man from eating the Lotus flowers but they disregard his warnings, it is noted that, “I drove them all three wailing, to the ships…” (1.101). Along the way when in the company of his men, they are saved from the monsters they encounter on the way by his courage. Once in the Trojan War, he fought bravery with hopes of meeting his family again. His bravery is tested when he is challenged by a one eyed immortal by the name of Cyclops. Through his courage and bravery, is able to win in all these challenges.

Several world heroes are noted for their heroic actions. For instance, Nelson Mandela spearheaded the fight against racial discrimination, commonly referred as apartheid in South Africa and served a 27-jail term. After withstanding all the challenges, he was released and become the president of South Africa during the first multi-party elections. Barrack Obama become a hero after he was elected as the first African American president in the US.

My neighbor, John, saved my brother after he was drowning when his car was hit from behind by a hit and run motorist.  Mother Teresa remains my hero after she sacrificed her life to serving the poor in the world initiating many projects to help the marginalized.

A hero is someone who is very important in the society. He may lead to suffering of many people but his results are positively remarked.

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