Essay: Traditional verses online advertisements

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Essay: Traditional verses online advertisements

Despite the now improved technological level, that has rendered the traditional means of communication, more so the one that involved moving from one place to the other irrelevant especially due to increased number of internet users, some of the traditional advertising mediums such as prints, radio, and TV among others  are still of great importance. This is in consideration of two major facts:

Before modernization, the number of internet users was insignificant and as such, the traditional advertising was the most effective means. As such, many people got used to those means, making it hard for them to adjust to the modern (online) advertising.

  • Despite the fact that, the number of internet users has rampantly increased, there is a considerable group of people who are yet to make use of it, due to factors such as, illiteracy, and ignorance among others. This makes the use of traditional means still very important, in reaching such customers.

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