Essay: Toyota’s Technological tie-ups with foreign manufacturers

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Essay: Toyota’s Technological tie-ups with foreign manufacturers

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Initially for the domestic market, cars were made by mounting small car bodies on small truck chassis. This method was technically poor and it could only meet the domestic demand but not even to the least for the international demand.  In efforts to meet the global demand, there was need of new technologies to ensure that the cars produced met the international standards. There was creation of mass production systems, which were better than what was applied before the war.

This forced the automobile industry to join technological tie ups and ensure quality cars were produced. Nissan sold Austin A40 in 1953 May, Isuzu produced its own in 1957, Hino produced Renault, Mitsubishi Jeep in 1956 June (JAMA, 2008). Fuji Seimitsu and Toyota did not use the tie up technology but rather used its own technologies. Toyota produced Toyopet Crown 1500cc while Fuji produced Prince Skyline 1500 cc and all these met international standards (JAMA, 2008).

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