Essay: Toyota in 2009

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Essay: Toyota in 2009

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Toyota manufacturing system convectional mass production system
Production of Production of a limited line of products in massive quantities thereby enjoy the economies of scale
The workers were taught a number of skill and there was no specialization of labor Each worker specialized and performed a single task

2. The advantage of the Toyota system of manufacturing is that there workers never got idle while waiting for specialists to complete a certain task like changing the die and there was no idle capital that was left idle for a long period due to mass production since vehicle parts was produced in small batches. The production of less number reduced the cost of idle inventory in the warehouses and it could ensure that the client preferences were considered with time. The quality improved, the cost of production reduced while the time of production reduced too

3. In reference to relationship between Toyota and its supplier, it did not rely on competitive bidding but focused on suppliers who they would work with for a long period while in US auto industry, manufacturers relied on competitive bidding to guarantee short run low costs.

4. The advantage of the Toyota system is that by having a long term contract with the major supplier, it could ensure quality, good relationship , stable supplies and low costs in the end.

5.  Toyota established a strong bond with its dealers and trained them and in term, the dealers were required to form a strong bond with the clients and carry out survey on the client preferences. By critically considering the customer preferences and keeping that information in its database, Toyota could consider the databases it is designing and planning of their auto.

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