Essay: Torture in the Middle East by the U.S Military

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Essay: Torture in the Middle East by the U.S Military

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Aljazeera news News Middle East, Iranian scientist claims US torture, Retrieved on July 20, 2010 from July 15, 2010

It tells the story of an Iranian man who was abducted by US soldiers at gunpoint when he had gone for the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca. Though Shahram Amiri claims to have not divulged any detail about nuclear technology in Iran it is worthy noting that US soldiers held him incommunicado for fourteen months.

The US government denies any responsibility for the kidnapping of this Iranian for they argue that he lived freely in America. After his arrest, he was injected with a drug, which made him unconscious and was taken away in military chopper. He suffered from psychological torture for the first two months of his incarceration. The main objective of the Americans was to acquire information from Amiri about nuclear program in Iran but they used excessive force to instill fear to the man.

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