Essay: Tom Buchanan in Great Gatsby

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Essay: Tom Buchanan in Great Gatsby

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On the other hand, Tom Buchanan is from a rich family and happens to be very rude and with no morals. He is worthy a lot of money and thus racism and sexism is like part of him. He despises poverty and does not view women as being equal members in the society. The fact he is having an extramarital affair with Myrtle does not make him remorseful for the pain he is causing his wife. When he learns that his wife Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby, he goes mad, to the extent of confronting him.   The love life of Buchanan has been destroyed by the fact that he has known wealthy since childhood and thus he despises poverty and anything to do with it. (Julian 77)

Tom Buchanan does not care much about the feelings of his wife for he treats her as an object and thus he does not care what she needs as long as she is satisfied in material needs. What Buchanan cares more about is engaging in pleasure since he knows he can afford it. The life of Gatsby is directed towards ensuring that he gets Daisy whereas that of Buchanan is entirely about pleasure. It is true to say that Buchanan has no goals or targets in his life for he feels that he has achieved all that he has been looking for. It is later in the novel that the reader knows the real character of Gatsby as opposed to the one he possesses in the beginning which is of naivety and love for Daisy. It is later in the novel that the reader understands the source of Gatsby’s wealth. (Bryer & VanArsdale p104)

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