Essay: Time Management Project

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Essay: Time Management Project

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The success or failure of many small businesses can be linked to the stress levels of the owner/manager. A major contributing factor is poor ‘time management’. A major improvement in their business performance can often be linked to improved time management. This tutorial project is designed to allow you to identify your time wasters, review your priorities and provides a rare opportunity for you to come up with a time management scheme that suits your particular circumstances. This would be extremely beneficial for you should you choose to start your own small business in the future.

One major approach to time management is to avoid wasting time. One needs to be keen on the time one spends watching movies, reading movies, chatting online, with friends and engaging in leisure activities. This is because though these activities are very interesting, they waste time a lot. In efforts to save time, one needs to have a notebook dictating the day’s activities while still listing the activities in their order of importance (Cook, 1998). The ability to adhere to the listed guideline in the notebook is a great idea that can result to great ideas. One also needs to maintain a calendar displaying each day’s important activity. The calendar shall be used as reference point all time and one will not claim to forget any issue. Though complicated, one needs to work all the time and in all places that includes while traveling, dining, and cooking. The important aspect here is to multi-task in order to meet the deadlines. One can send important emails while traveling and make calls as the food gets ready so that to complete other demanding tasks with ease (Mancini, 2007).

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