Essay: Threat and Error Management in Aviation

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Essay: Threat and Error Management in Aviation

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It is of paramount importance to note that most of the accidents that happen in the aviation industry are because of human errors, which are preventable in some instances. Crew/ Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) were introduced in the aviation industry when the industry was facing numerous accidents.

It was established that most of the accidents that happened could be prevented and thus the staff of most airlines were trained to be able to avoid most human errors. This has gone a long way in reducing the accidents and thus saving the industry lots of money that was lost because of accidents. The fact that the decisions made by aircraft crew can be crucial in determining what might happen in the next few moments made the managements of the airlines to make the crew to be in a position of making the best decisions in different circumstances. The governments of the different nations ought to make sure that all staffs of cockpits are well trained in doing the right things in order to reduce accidents.

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