Essay: Six Thinking Hats: Green Hat

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Essay: Six Thinking Hats: Green Hat

This requires more provocation and thinking. This thinking tool should help in the creation of new ideas for the carton character. The approach requires one to say things for the sake of seeing what might result form the new approach De Bono, (1985).

This approach does not require judgment but needs one to provoke the mind to think new ideas by having statements made on the black hat ideas.

a)      The character will embrace the ideas of the auntie wholly.

b)      The auntie will help her acquire a new look that will draw the attention of her friends.

c)       She will make more friends as a result of the advice form her auntie,

d)       In addition her new way of thinking will fascinate her friends who will always be at her home to talk to her auntie.

e)      She will have a more worldly view but still struggle with the teachings of her mother.

f)       These ideas will get her into trouble as she will become an activist in school for various causes.

g)      She will find herself also getting involved in civil rights protest meetings with her auntie by her side.

h)      She will get her friends to join her way of thinking.

i)        At one point their actions will collide with those of the law firm the mother is working for as they believe the law firm is supporting and defending those who are against their ideas.

j)        Her mother explains to her by working there is able to give them a comfortable life.

k)      After her daughters streets activities, the mother takes a off to take the family on vacation.

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