Essay: Therapeutic Methods used by Pathologists

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Essay: Therapeutic Methods used by Pathologists

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There are a number of therapeutic methods, which a speech pathologist uses to test his patient. This includes family therapy, one to one/ individual therapy, and group therapy. He has to conduct all his tests by use of sign language, multimedia computer programs, toys, books, automated devices, sound analyzers and pictures. All these have to be coupled with working on sounds and pronunciation to help there patients have self-confidence. The speech pathologists can also work along with the help of celebrities and special people who have strong accents to help in pronunciation, accentuation and enunciation.

The process of conducting interviews may be very easy of very difficult depending on the type of interviewee one has. There are some interviewees who are not willing to answer the questions asked and this makes it very difficult to conduct an interview on them. Other interviewees are usually not willing to give accurate information and this leads to inaccurate results at the end. By conducting an interview, it becomes easy when preparing ones students to conduct their interviews in the future. One is usually prepared with the type of questions to ask depending on the person being interviewed and he topic in question. A person who has conducted interviews before can also prepare his students on how they can detect people who are telling lies and how they can try to prepare accurate results.

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