Essay: Theories on Employee Motivation

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Essay: Theories on Employee Motivation

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Employee motivation is directed by the understanding of certain theories including Herzberg’s two- factor theory, Maslow’s need-hierarchy theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory, Skinner’s reinforcement theory and Adams’ equity theory. Each o these theories has its own explanation but when a manager is able to employ a number of them, he will succeed in his business.

Although it is argued that employee motivation may be influenced by money, Lindner (2008) found out that this is a contributing factor but not the only factor that will lead to employee motivation. In his research, he found out that employees need to aid well so that they can be able to satisfy their needs but also need other forms of motivation. This include tasks which are interesting to perform, good wages, sympathetic help when in problems, tactful discipline, feeling appreciated, promotions and growth, conducive working environment and job security. Following the Maslow’s need-hierarchy theory, managers need in their motivation strategies to satisfy the employees needs as they come up in the hierarchy. They have to start with the physiological needs and finish with the self-actualization needs. This implies that whichever the motivational strategies applied, they should be aimed at satisfying the needs of the employees as they appear in the need hierarchy model.

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