Essay: Theoretical Orientations of Eating Disorders

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Essay: Theoretical Orientations of Eating Disorders

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From the recent past, many groups of researchers have examined the problem of eating disorders but on a different perspective based on their theoretical orientations. For instance, (Kemper, 1996; McCabe, 2002; Orosan, 2005), conducted their researches guided by concerns that eating disorders develop on the basis of impact of cultural norms, perceptions and expectations have on the value of beauty and attractiveness in western industrial nations. For example, most developed countries and US culture prioritize high standard on the attractiveness and body image as major indicators for person’s success. Hence, there is rapidity in increased number of women developing eating disorders in attempt to attain this standard.

The second category of researchers (Halpern, et al., 1999; Herzberger, 1998; Gleaves, et al., 2000), were guided by the notion that body image and weight dissatisfaction is concerned with development of the eating disorders among women. Media influence further activates the seriousness of the body image and weight dissatisfaction factor in developing disordered eating behavior and attitudes. For instance; movies, magazines graphics and television programs have created an ideal of body images of thin, flawless bodies that is difficult to attain for the majority of population in world. As a result, failure to achieve this ideal body weight or image causes many young women to be concerned and attempt to gain control and order in their lives through diet and exercises. To this effect, Reiger, (2008) reiterates that “unless our media network in US changes the model’s beauty outlook in their adverts; then, fight against disorders of eating are in vain”

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