Essay: Themes present in PRINCE2 2009

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Essay: Themes present in PRINCE2 2009

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The themes present in PRINCE2 2009 are those characteristics of project management that:

  • Need to be evaluated and handled all through the project lifecycle. These are not one time activities.
  • Require specific guidelines for PRINCE2 processes to be carried out efficiently

When the above definition was applied on PRINCE2 2005 as a test it was not supported by the Configuration Management as PRINCE2 does not require a specific treatment for Configuration Management in the similar fashion that it doesn’t require a specific treatment for estimating for example. When other aspects of project management from other bodies of knowledge were reviewed to assess whether additional themes could be included in it, Benefits Management and Stakeholder Engagement were chosen and were later included in the Business Case theme and Organization theme respectively.(Charvat, Jason 2010, pp. 267-275)

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