Essay: Theme for English B and How to become a Writer

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Essay: Theme for English B and How to become a Writer

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The most evident theme in the four pieces of writings is accepting people for who they are because it bears fruits. Racism should not hinder one from attaining their goals as revealed in Theme for English B. in the Girl monologue, the narrator learns so much from a girl who sees her sex as an act of nature and thus has to perfect everything about herself. In How to Become a Writer, people are encouraged to understand important aspects of their reference to the writing process. The two poems, monologue and story reveal the importance of the inner being or personality in making decisions.

The two poems, monologue and story have the same theme of the experience of life as reality and the impact that personality plays in the life of most individuals. Most of the ideas presented in the four are trivial in changing the attitudes and personality. All the four have a moral element. For instance, in Theme for English B, the narrator adopts a psychological point of view and a piece of mind in addressing the issue of racism, in the old man poem the poet has done away with oppression, as he sees the rich man who fight his wife killed by a mere horse. In the Girl monologue, the girl inspires the narrator and makes her see things in a new light. She is encouraged to look deep inside her to find solutions and become a good person as it is evidenced with her clear set directions of doing everything.

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