Essay: Theme for English B and the Old Man

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Essay: Theme for English B and the Old Man

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The poem ‘Theme for English B and the ‘Old Man’ are similar in that they have the same theme. The theme for ‘theme for English B’ detects the interior relationship between the narrator and the American society. The dual characteristic is connected to the psychological point of view (piece of mind). The poem gives the African Americans a link between the African society (roots) and their current society. The poem influence of race and class makes the poet to acquire a positive critical thinking. The poem brings out the issue of ethnicity, diversity and race in the American society.

The Old Man poem also brings out the same issues. Although the races of the characters are not specified, the old man is the ruler of the house. The mother has to live a very desperate life waiting for his son all through to warn him of his father’s temper. It is stated that he has to wait for his son behind a tree showing that there is oppression of women in the society. Further, the old man is interested by a very queer story written by his son of a man beating his wife noting that he had never submitted it to him. The fact that the old man is able to accept the story of a rich man been killed by a horse shows that he accepts that his oppression is defeated.

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