Essay: The Word of God

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Essay: The Word of God

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According to the bible, it was prophesied that the word of God would one day be spread across every part of the world. When this prophecy was being made nobody knew how big the world was or how this would be achieved. These men of God did not force anyone to accept Jesus but they told one the real meaning of the faith and left the rest to individual to make the decision on his or her own. This is what is supposed to be done since that is what the bible says.

Although Boethius was born in a Christian family, he holds different views from those taught in the bible. It is of paramount importance to note that he wrote his book while in prison and he have done out of desperation and boredom. Philosophy disputes that God is capable of knowing what will happen in future before it happens. Through sequences of Boethius says to events, that man can calculate the chances of something happening in future made Philosophy then there is no opportunity for random events if God could control what was to happen in future (Boethius 189-201). A person becomes freer in his life if he chooses to live according to the will of the lord but his life becomes more miserable and wicked if his life is entangled in error and vice.

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