Essay: The Virtual Dating Company Marketing Plan

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Essay: The Virtual Dating Company Marketing Plan

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The Virtual Dating Company began operations in 2008 with the aim of bridging between the awesome offline dating and the conventional online dating. The technological development has resulted to many changes in the global village and people are finding it simpler to date online as the climb higher in the Maslows hierarchy of needs. Because of the growing internet use in the globe, The Virtual Dating Company has found an opportunity that must be turned into a fortune.  With the 3D virtual environment and the international team of experts coupled with the ability to be compatible with other online dating sites, the firm, Virtual Dating Company, is likely to succeed in the global arena.

The increased demand for the virtual dating is on high demand as many people would recommend friends to use the site. The greatest strength for  Virtual Dating Company is that it increases the social presence hence bridging between the online dating and offline dating. However, one challenge for this is firm is to convince people to pay a fee for the service.

One cannot overlook the fact that throughout the globe, there is growing market for the service since more than 1.7 billion of the global population can access internet with Asia having the highest internet users while Australia has the least. Considering that there are other online dating firms, Virtual Dating Company needs to employ a strategic marketing plan in order to penetrate the grossing market which is about $1 billion in both US and UK.

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