Essay: The Transition of Day to Night

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Essay: The Transition of Day to Night

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It was in the late afternoon and the sun was frying them gently. Lucia saw no need of entering the steam bath and joined her husband outside the lodge. The whispering of the cool wind made the afternoon even more comfortable. The clouds became clearer as the sun reflected their shiny white and grey colors as it approached the horizon. The wild birds whistled awesome lyrics as their day was progressively ending. Abruzzi removed his binoculars and through them, he could visibly see the golden rays of the sun that started to emerge. He was overtaken by the feeling of the sunset and he stared at the sun for quite sometime.

The clouds in the sky began darkening from the east as their counterparts in the west glowed in sheer brilliance. The clear sunlight was slowly being replaced by bright yellow and golden color, which filled the sky. Lucia was amazed by the glittering nature and she could not call to mind the last time she had taken time just to observe a sunset. Briefly, a sight she had never before witnessed in the sky caught her attention as the sun turned reddish and the clouds reflected the rays forming a mirage of a pouring rain. The colors that came along were stunning. Her husband was lock, stock and barrel absorbed in the whole experience, observing keenly the transition of day to night.

The clouds grew darker, the birds’ melodious whistles were stealthily ending, the stars began to appear and the three hours experience of a gorgeous sunset was ending. The cool breeze of the night came into being, marking an emotional end to the happening.

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