Essay: The Success of McDonalds

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Essay: The Success of McDonalds

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The success of McDonalds does not come along for granted, but through the three legged stool that recognizes the most important stakeholders, these them work closely to guarantee a high quality range of products that other food chains find hard to compete with. The interdependence between the three parties is a strength that the McDonalds has focused on and continues to employ in guarantying the franchises remain very competitive. The supplies are inspected and adhere to the standards set by McDonalds and any proposal about a new menu item is considered and research carried out. Through these proposals that must meet the quality standards of McDonalds, the suppliers have been instrumental in the growth of franchises and McDonalds at large.

Through the standards set by McDonalds, along with the interdependence between the franchises and suppliers, McDonald’s franchises run a successful business that cannot be beaten easily in most market niches. Through the in depth research and development on new markets, products and technology, the McDonalds has enabled the franchises to benefits greatly since the dynamics in the global business arena is strictly monitored. The standards set by McDonalds that mainly focus on cleanliness, quality and customer satisfaction have been the backbone for success by the franchises.

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