Essay: The Second World War

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Essay: The Second World War

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The US did not engage in the Second World War until all its allies had engaged in the war. To begin with, it cut the oil and inputs to Japan while offering China financial and military support to China. The lend- lease program was first employed by the US and Britain. The trade embargoes on Japan resulted to a astonishing attack of the US any base at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese army. The US declared war on Japan the subsequent day on December 7th, 1941. Fours days later after the attack of the US naval base, the Nazi Germany declared war against the US.

Since the US was now at war with two nation, along with its allies, they decided to stay at a defensive position in the Pacific Ocean and fight Hitler until he surrendered. This began with by attacking Germans using aerial attacks using the B-17 Flying Fortress as the major bomber. The US army and allied forces suffered major casualties and decided to introduce the P-5 1 Mustang to launch long-range bombs and cut down the number of casualties. Along with its allies, Britain, New Zealand and Australia, fought the Nazi Germans on ground in North Africa and by 1943, the Nazi Germans had surrendered. The US protected the army supplies to Britain in the Atlantic Ocean. Though they supplies transportation faced some shortages, the Nazi Germans were in full production of bombs. In the beginning 0f 1944, the allied forced had planed to invade Western Europe. The Normandy landing on 6 June 1944 resulting to overthrowing of Hitler and defeat of Nazi Germany at the Battle of Bulge. The American forces played a key role in this victory.

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