Essay: The Role of Technology in the Industries

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Essay: The Role of Technology in the Industries

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In the industries, technology plays a key role in ensuring the success f most industries in the local and global level. Technology has been a key tool to the increased efficiency resulting to optimal uses of the resources and increased profitability. Most modern technology is more efficient and are capital intensive rather than labor intensive.  Technology has resulted about improved tools that Another great advantage of is reduction in the operating costs. Most of the machines used in industries are remote controlled that require one or very few individuals to operate unlike the older instruments that require a several people to operate.

Technology in industries has resulted to globalization where firms can be located in different geographical regions of the world and be managed at central point (Macher, et, al, 149-67).  The technology has enabled firms in different part of the work to operate at the same global market since a firm can access any market in the market through electronic commerce and win lure customer. More os, through technology there is a fast communication and any action in one region affects the whole global operation. A good example is the presence of volcano smoke in parts of Europe that affected the whole air industry operation in the globe. Technology has enabled production of quality products by the producers since the consumer can easily access the quality of products and view the online review of a product and decide whether to buy the product or not. Among the problems brought about technology in the industries is the requirement of heavy investment on modern technology. Modern technology, which is considered to be the most expensive commands heavy capital requirement. The technology also requires firms to hire and trainee employee constantly since it is very dynamic. Technology in the industries may catalyze cyberstalking that affects the performance of the employees

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