Essay: The Role of Leading Characters in Run Away Bride

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Essay: The Role of Leading Characters in Run Away Bride

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The movie is very funny and leaves the audience laughing at very many instances. The two leading characters come out very excellently to show case the characters they are playing. The fact that Maggie is beautiful gives the movie a big plus because naturally men like to run after attractive women with long and sexy legs. The beauty of Maggie makes the movie to look more real since most men would take the risk of planning a wedding with someone who has been playing around with them.  The dress code in the movie is also very good for every character is dressed according to the part he or she is doing at every given time and circumstance (

During wedding preparations Maggie gives the impression that all is well only for her to disappoint the groom at the last minute. This proves to bring lots of suspense in the audience, which is very good in a movie for it keeps the viewers glued to their screens. After Ike starts to be attracted to Maggie every would like to know what will happen to Bob and thereafter, thus the movie is very good to watch after a hard days work for it will leave relaxed. The character Maggie draws sympathy as well as enjoyment from the audience despite the fact that she has already taken three men for a ride.  Although she creates the impression that she is a bad girl one will not fail to sympathize with her as you wonder what makes her do that.

The supporting actors also give out a very solid acting, for example in the case of Bob, although he thinks that Maggie has a mental problem he goes on to plan the wedding. Looking at Bob when he is with his fiancé one is left to wonder what might be going on in his mind. You look at him and feel as if he is thinking, “I know you are playing around with me but there is no problem”. When it comes to facial expressions then the characters do a great job for they do what should be done at the prevailing circumstances (Bezaitis).

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