Essay: The Role of Genetics in Causing Homosexuality

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Essay: The Role of Genetics in Causing Homosexuality

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However, genetics play a significant role in the causes of homosexuality. A study conducted by Dr. Simon LeVay, a neuroscientist from the Salk Institute, shows that there are differences in the brains of heterosexuals and homosexuals.

He conducted a study in 1999 on the brains of 41 dead men in which 19 of them were gay. LeVay “did a post-mortem examination on human brains; however, he did his examinations on patients who had died from AIDS-related illnesses” (Johnson 48). He observed that the part of hypothalamus that controls sexual orientations was smaller in gays than in non-gays. This shows that it is possible that, genetic factors play an important role in the sexual orientation of a person. Moreover, identical twins with similar genes have higher chances of exhibiting the same characteristics. This shows that these twins may both end up being gays or heterosexuals because of their nature (Johnson 57).

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