Essay: The Role of Auditors

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Essay: The Role of Auditors

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Among other organization documents, audtited includes the management assessment records employed to internally audit the financial reports. The most important role of the of checking through the reports and giving the relevant feedback is ensure transparent of all the records and accounts. This is because cases of fraud, misappropriation and and errors in the financial accounts can result to bankruptcy of a firm.

More so, the success of a firm is evaluated in reference to the strength of the financial accounts. Additionally, presently where the advancement of technology has become integral part of a firm, them a firm needs employ the external auditors to ensure the firm’s records are 100% transparent without any slight error. After a through audit is carried out, we, the external auditors, must give our own opinion on the opinion of the control tools employed by the management.

In efforts to deliver the best audit results, the auditors employ the conditions set up by the public company accounting oversight board (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 2005). These preset conditions are followed to the letter to guarantee that a client gets the best and most accurate audit results. Through the use of these standards, we guarantee our clients that the proven results of the audits are very reasonable and our opinions are justified. The preset standards and procedures are continuously being improved to ensure that the best results are achieved.

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