Essay: The Panama Deception

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Essay: The Panama Deception

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The movie The Panama Deception is based on a true story about the war the United States fought with Panama in the year 1989, which won an Academy Award in the year 1992. Although the war described as a “just cause”, it brought so much destruction and civilian deaths since, the U S army not only attacked the Panama military bases but it also attacked civilians. According to the movie by two renowned filmmakers, Barbara Trent and David Kasper uncover the real reasons that led to that internationally rebuked invasion of the Panama showing it was after all not justified.  The should give it’s audience a true picture of what is happening as this is the only way information can be spread to the mass.

This movie criticizes the U S military for choosing to go war with Panama and shows that the U S media is biased. The media did not report what was happening on the ground but it chooses to justify the American actions. The film brings out the facts that the U S went to war so as to get a chance to renew the Torrijos-Carter Treaties. We are shown mass graves which were discovered after the withdrawal of the U S army and brings the possibility of the American to have had used an energy or laser weapon.

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