Essay: The Need for Curriculum Diversity

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Essay: The Need for Curriculum Diversity

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There are many students who are unaware of the political positioning, as well as the cognitive science and philosophy of the mind; these are the students who require to be made aware of the multicultural education system. Multicultural education advances cognitive capabilities that enable students to understanding different cultural perspectives, to develop a reflexive understanding of themselves, and to represent structures shared by individuals in different experiential contexts. The student’s demographics are changing and these should be reflected in the curriculum of the educational institutions, both in the universities and colleges, to morally and culturally recognize all equally. It is also true that the diverse society of graduate students should socially become aware of the different races, classes and gender as well as all the other diversity forms (Kögler).

The need for curriculum diversity if opposed by the argument of “quality and truth” But this is not seen as a strong argument since it cannot be clearly defined. In efforts to provide quality education to students, it is of great importance that multicultural courses are in favor of cognitive rather than just social and moral student’s development. It therefore follows that by failing to diversify the curriculum, we are intentionally rejecting a higher means of social understanding and sacrificing truth and quality as it stands before us. It is not easy to relate with others well when we are not able to understand them. This can easily be done by a paradigm of empathy or simulation in which one will understand his friend by putting himself in his shoes. This makes the two individuals involved relate well without conflicts. With perspective taking, a person leaves his own point of view and switch to the other’s perspective so that he could see things as the other person is. In this situation, a person is able to understand the historical, social and cultural differences that exist between the ideas of the two.

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