Essay: The International Civil Aviation Organization

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Essay: The International Civil Aviation Organization

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The International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, which is responsible for ensuring that airlines from their member states follow safety regulations ensures that all the cockpit crew undergo the necessary training.( MacBurnie 1999).   Since ICAO is responsible for ensuring that all its member states adhere to certain regulations in order to reduce chances of accidents in their member state airlines they have decided that it is of paramount importance to minimize all the human errors that occur in the cockpit.

The ICAO administration knows that it is possible to reduce most of the human errors that are committed by the cockpit crew if they are trained properly on how to apply their ethics while doing their work. “Proficiency errors suggest the need for technical training, whereas communications and decision errors call for team training. Procedural errors may result from human limitations or from inadequate procedures that need to be changed.” (Helmreich 2000)  This is because of the fact that CRM is about teamwork by all the people involved in the cockpit. ICAO should go a step further and implement the recommendations they made when they met at a conference on April 04 this year. These included setting up a global Safety Information Exchange Centre for exchanging views on how to go about in reducing accidents among the member states. (Mitchell 2010)

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