Essay: The Industrial Revolution in the United States

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Essay: The Industrial Revolution in the United States

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The growth of industries grew at a large rate after the Second World War as residents were preparing in same occurrences. People had witnessed very brutal acts and even though no one wanted it to happen again, they had to be prepared after, they started seeing the world as being pessimistic only. In the 1800th century, nothing existed that was seen to be industrialized at all. There were no machines, refrigerators, televisions and radios among others. During the war, countries were struggling to win and this so to it that they were producing the strongest weapons.

The American dream has to be changed to in order to match with the phase of industrialization in the country. Initially, people were for the American dream when they had slaves and lands and living without any control of the government. Today, the American dream has to be more focused. One has to have wealth, live happily and adhere to rules of the land. There should be no form of racism for one to be seen as being industrialized. With high industrialization in the country, the best hope for humankind is offered.

With industrialization, there are issues of child labor that arise in a country.  For instance, many children are employed in coalmines because the shafts build are small.  The girls on the other hand are employed in lubricating machines and paid very little simply because they are children. Although the kids suffer physically by getting cuts, they as well suffer psychologically as they are forced to skip their kid’s stage and become adults who are able to support their families. .

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