Essay: The Glass Ceiling and Women in America

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Essay: The Glass Ceiling and Women in America

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Glass ceiling is a limitation against the minorities that prevents them from achieving certain objectives. These obstacles are not legal, are informal and not written in any firm operations. In reference to this case, the glass ceiling is the obstacles that limit the women against getting senior positions in firms or even getting any form of employment in the male dominated world. These obstacles are not visible but are hidden since there is no any announcement that women should not be offered some positions even though they are equally as qualified as men are. The formal barriers that limit one to get a certain job include academic qualification, training and experience.

The glass ceiling is visible in America which is developed and where organizations are organized in a modern manner making cases of glass ceiling clearly visible. To overcome this trend, the women need to work harder to overcome the glass ceiling since it is still a force in many industries like in HVAC industry, which is male, dominated. The glass ceiling affects American women most affecting their professional progress. The glass ceiling affect a large group of women, especially those from the minority ethnicities and sexual minorities, as a result, they cannot get promotions, highly paying jobs and senior positions in many organizations. As a result, the women are intimidated and made to feel that they cannot serve in some position and as their bosses look down upon them they feel their bosses do not attach the correct value to them (Hesse-Biber, Carter 77). These women hence lack the motivation as men dominate them.

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