Essay: The Feudalistic Mode of Production

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Essay: The Feudalistic Mode of Production

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The feudalistic mode of production is whereby property is owned by a group o people known as the nobles or the masters. The rest of the society is made up of serfs or the workers. This therefore implies that there are two distinct classes of the serfs and the nobles whereby property owners are the nobles. The serfs provide for the labor but in turn they do not receive any payment except for small food rations and poor clothing. They also do not have appropriate housing and do not enjoy human rights.

Foucault does argue that this conflict between the masters and serfs arises due to identity consciousness among members of the classes. The masters will always do everything in their power to retain their social, economic and political power. The serfs on the other hand will struggle to come out of slavery and oppression so that they can access human rights. It is this struggle, which determines the type of government or state in a feudalist society. If populations were controlled uniformly as a group this could be much easier. Citizens will always be assured of their identity and security regardless of their economic statuses. Due to his search for modernity, man has been forced to embrace constitutionalism.

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