Essay: The Fading Concept of Glass Ceiling

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Essay: The Fading Concept of Glass Ceiling

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Women have been tirelessly been working to move on past the glass ceiling and many of them have passed this hurdle. Even though many women are earning higher pay than men are holding senior position in global companies, many feel that they are outsiders who have invaded the men territory. Women in the male dominated management level face many challenges beginning with sexual harassment and dissimilarity in pay.

In efforts for women to cross this bridge between them and men, the women are investing their resources in education, training, and taking courses that are dominated by the male in the earlier periods. Once the women surpass the glass ceiling they are said to serve organizations with great level of competency and offering different level of leadership compared to the leadership of men. The women position in the leadership of firms is changing in the US and they are being accepted positively in the management positions. Except in rare occasions, the glass ceiling is becoming history and equality between men and women is being accepted in most firms. Many firms are accepting the leadership ability of women and offering them top jobs.

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